Inspection, maintenance, repair and other services are key to the performance of process apparatus for any industry. Having state of the art equipment, skilled resources is no guarantee for optimum functionality and efficient processes. It is very important to continuously monitor the project progress periodically to ensure the delivery is on right track.

The quality and also safety of your projects can be controlled by having software for inspection and maintenance services. This way you prevent damage to your project, inefficiency and timelines.

Inspections can also reduce the cost of maintenance by catching small problems before they grow into more expensive issues.

ASMAN’s GIS Inspection Management System (GIMS) provides a comprehensive solution for the inspection needs from GIS perspective.

  • A complete 360o view of project status & inspection.
  • Enables the analysis in REAL TIME and provides metrics.
  • Corrective actions can be taken at right time.
  • Quality & safety of the projects will be ensured.
  • Cost of maintenance will be effectively reduced.