Assessing the functioning and effectiveness of the government projects and schemes in a constituency is very important for any democratic nation.

The geographic and demographic distribution of the government projects & schemes, the effectiveness of Project implementation, will determine the satisfaction levels of the public in the district.

Analytics & Reporting tools helps us understand the current status of the performance at different levels and determine the corrective action if needed.

ASMAN’s District Performance Analysis (DPA) solution provides a comprehensive management and assessment of projects undertaken in a district.

  • A complete 360o view of district's performance.
  • Enables the analysis in REAL TIME and provides metrics.
  • Public pulse can be estimated at village, mandal and district levels.
  • Cost of maintenance will be effectively reduced.
  • satisfaction levels can be assessed based on parameters like gender, age, caste, religion etc.
  • Can be used as a yardstick for Law Makers.