Every business requires change and flexibility and no one understands the growing needs in Technology to support them better than ASMAN. SOA based services have become the need of the hour and ASMAN has the capability and scalability to do more with less and drive business agility with the support of Service- Oriented Architecture (SOA) based on open, industry-standard technology and reusable components.

Services in SOA Space

SOA Strategy Services

ASMAN can help you in identifying and strategizing the business value, security structure and governance of your legacy systems to a seamless SOA transformation for achieving a service-oriented-model.

This we will achieve by our following functions

  • SOA solution planning
  • SOA Implementation planning
  • SOA Infrastructure and Architecture planning
  • Design process

BPM enabled SOA services

The BPM services provides continuous process improvement by realizing the potential, it could be converting paper driven processes to Automation processes. This helps the clients to achieve real-time performance driven processes.

This we will achieve by our following functions

  • Business Process Modeling
  • Process Optimization
  • Design and Implementation

Design, Development using SOA Methodology

SOA implementation at its core involves detailed design and development and implementation approach. The technical architecture and service strategy for decisions on build and reuse are taken in this phase.

  • Customized Business Design
  • Customized Development
  • Process Reuse and connectivity management
  • Business process Automation
  • Web infrastructure management

Integration Services using SOA Methodology

An ESB is an architectural pattern that supports virtualization and management of service interactions between communicating participants. It provides connectivity among service providers and requesters, facilitating their interactions even if they are not exactly matched. This pattern can be implemented using a variety of middleware technologies and programming models.

ESB is also viewed as a set of infrastructure capabilities implemented by middleware technology that enable an SOA. The ESB supports service, message, and event-based interactions in a heterogeneous environment, with appropriate service levels and manageability.

ASMAN provides ESB based Integration solutions based on IBM WebSphere Message Broker (WMB) and IBM WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus (WESB) technologies.