SteerPro – Providing awesomeness in every stage of the project management process.

SteerPro is an innovative and comprehensive Project Management & Inspection solution for your business. SteerPro gives you an edge over others in effective management of the project by increasing the productivity, reducing the cost and improving the quality.

A complete Project Management solution best suited for planning, managing, executing and inspecting the projects. SteerPro gives the organisation and project managers full control on the projects.

SteerPro is designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyse, manage, and present spatial or geographic data. Location-based data, combined with powerful analytics, puts a wealth of information at your fingertips.

SteerPro Cloud is a SAAS offering with which you can avail all the benefits of SteerPro with huge cost savings. With cloud based solution SteerPro offers a flexible, capital expenditure free and secure solution.

SteerPro recognizes the value of each individual in an organization and provides a mean by which they can contribute for the overall success of the project.

SteerPro - Variants

SteerPro - Infrastructure

SteerPro helps the companies to manage a wide range of construction project types, such as commercial, residential, industrial and heavy civil. The GIS capabilities provides the most effective way of managing and monitoring every step of the construction projects. With its 3D capabilities, SteerPro will blow you away with the monitoring capabilities.

SteerPro - Networking

SteerPro provides you an innovative and an unique project management solution for managing network projects. Starting for the analysis of the data, mapping of the proposed network, preparing the network model to managing the operations and maintenance SteerPro has tools in every step of the way.

SteerPro - Lite

SteerPro Lite unlike the enterprise SteerPro, does not come with  GIS features but this cloud and mobile based solution provides a intricate project monitoring capabilities for small business owners. SteerPro Lite provides a seamless way of monitoring and communication between project owners, contractors, buyers with the corresponding mobile apps.


  • A complete 360o view of project status & inspection.
  • Enables the analysis in REAL TIME and provides metrics.
  • Corrective actions can be taken at right time.
  • Quality & safety of the projects will be ensured.
  • Cost of maintenance will be effectively reduced.