Election Management & Monitoring (EMM)

Election Management & Monitoring, em2 or EMSQUARE uses GIS and the mobile app platforms to effectively harness the available communication facilities and the networking technology to further improve the reliability, accuracy of the electoral process.  Monitoring of the polling stations and the election process was earlier dependent on conventional communication media like fax, telephone and police wireless and in-person visits.

em2 aims at an effective communication plan and to collect poll-day information from the polling stations on strategic parameters. The communication network could be utlized to pin point the polling stations where corrective measures are required to conduct a free and fair election.

em2 intends to help the Chief Electoral Office at every statge of the election process to manage the elections effectively.

em2 has primarily two major modules, PRE-ELECTIONS and ELECTION DAY.


Pre-Election - Features

Electoral Process Management – Managing every activity that is part of electoral process like nominations, contesting candidates, events, advertisements, paid news, advertisements, permissions, campaigners, press reports etc.

Information Management – Information would be shared with users of the software based on their authorisations. The information that is shared is like polling booth info, voter info, distribution centres, counting centres, manuals, circulars, instructions etc.

Modal Code of Conduct – EMSQUARE provides various tools to monitor and manage the modal code of conduct through managing complaints, incidents reporting, law & order reporting, SOS, seizures and actions taken on all these activities.

Election Day - Features

Monitoring Elections – This component is meant for managing the election related activities that include mock poll status, voting percentage, members in queue, election timings, form 14, 17C etc.

Election Tracking – The CEO Office can monitor and track the officer’s through the web dashboard. This includes tracking of PO, RO and SO on the field and every step of their journey.

SOS Monitoring – By using SOS component, the officers can raise alarms to their higher ups and can be resolved in real time.

Analytics & Reports – Analytics & Report component provides the dashboard for the state/district/constituency level officers.


  • A comprehensive GIS based analysis and reporting at every stage of elections.
  • With real time mobile updates, the data is accurate and the communication is effective.
  • Automates the process and the tasks involved thereby reducing the time and cost.
  • Integrates and analyses the data collected from different sources and at different stages.
  • The solution is developed using latest technologies and innovations that helps the CEO office to use the best of IT.